Due to delays and extra precautions for Covid-19 safety, please expect a one week delay on order processing! Thank you for understanding!

Local pick up detail

Hey there neighbor,

Are you local to Greensboro, NC and don't want to pay shipping for your products?

Let's see if this option will work for you?:

1.) You must be able to meet within 10 miles of Greensboro, NC for pickup.

2.) Only our handmade products are eligible for the free local pickup (for example: wooden signs, shiplap frames and most of the wood products we sell) if you are not sure if an item is handmade please contact us to help you verify.

3.) You will need to reach out to us via the "contact" page at the top of the home page to set up and time and place that will work for you and us.

and then you have to use code LOCALPICKUP in the discount code box at checkout.

It's that easy! I am so glad you have chosen to shop local and I can't wait to meet you in person!